DJ Emeezy Releases Powerful And Energy-Filled Afrobeats/Trap Mix ‘EARGASMS’

DJ Emeezy is set to cause fireworks in the global music space as he is the newest talent to watch in 2021 and beyond. In grand style, he has released his ten-minute power-packed mix “EARGASMS.” The anthemic mix radiates uninhibited energy with seamless transitions and constat groove flowing. Dj Emeezy’s mixing skills and talent is elegantly spelled throughout the mix. “EARGASMS” is a musical experience that listeners will not soon forget. The video will infuse an uplifting attitude to the listeners through the dancing and Dj Emeezy’s presence. With a distinctive style, this talented artist maintains a fully charged arsenal of high octane music that supports the fact that he is set to make a strong impact on the music industry.

In a broad-spectrum, this masterpiece is beautifully composed with dynamic African beats and rhythms, characterized by distinct sounds majorly erupting from his studio instruments. EARGASM“ is a catchy record with luxurious vibe built around trendy pop slangs and infectious bounce uniquely delivered to bring bright colors to playlists and dancefloors on the mend following global pandemic new year.

Dj Emeezy is an emerging artist and DJ originating from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. The talented DJ is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and style. Dj Emeezy seeks to pioneer a unique sound of Afro music to the world with a flair of dancehall, hip hop, soca, and a french sound. The talented DJ seeks to push the envelope with his style and bridge various elements from different genres to make a well-rounded, dynamic sound that will have crowds dancing. Dj Emeezy is fueled by his passion for music, and his willingness to be the next big artist to breakthrough. Dj Emeezy is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he is set to cement himself in the music industry for years to come.

DJ Emeezy

His vision to serve the world with his heavenly-endowed creativity, where he steadily spreads his inherit light by profoundly impacting on today’s generation and generations to come. Thus, his message is for his fans to first enjoy the wonderful mix as he eagerly prepares the release on his album and other heavy-hitting projects.

With his peculiar fashion sense and expressive personality, DJ Emeezy wields versatility as one of his core strengths, as he weaves through Afrobeat, Pop & Hip-Hop flawlessly with mastery and effortlessness which belies his craft and readiness in the industry.

Make sure to check out this mix as it is a must-listen with its well-rounded track selection, impeccable transitions, and constant energy.

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