Everyday Is A Special Day For Me – Kojo Antwi On His Birthday Celebration

The Music Maestro, Kojo Antwi has mankind will need to give thanks to God every single day for the gift of life and not just on the occasion of their birthday.

November 24 marks the birthday of Africa’s finest musician but he claims he does not know of the day because he gives glory to God everyday of his life.

Speaking in an interview with Onua FM’s Yen Sempa on Tuesday during a prank call to wish and celebrate the Maestro on his birthday, Kojo jokingly said “I don’t know today is my birthday”.

“I see the blessings of God as every new day. When you wake up and see the glory of God and the beauty of the universe, you need to make a special day out of it”, the music man urged.

He said “we shall by all mean account for it so we have to give thanks to God because it’s not everybody that got it that way”.

“I try to make the best out of everyday life,” he explained.

New album

Asked whether Kojo is set to release any song or album soon for his fans, the Music Maestro revealed that “I have an album coming out soon”.

“We are doping the videos and in the shortest time, I will release one as a gift. I wanted to release one song but I am trying to release an album. I and my team are working on it”.

24th December Kojo Antwi Experience

Kojo told the Yen Sempa host, Nana Okyere Awurukuo that his annual 24th December Kojo Antwi Experience which sees him rendering most of his songs to his lovers, his normal style where people converge in an auditorium will not happen this December but the virtual one, known as “Do Re Me” has already begun.

“We are confronted with certain challenges. We are confronted with an election. We are confronted with covid-19 and that is why we have not come out”, he explained.

He said “you need to take them into consideration. That is what is holding us but we have already started a virtual concert”.


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