I Planned Leaving P-Square Since 2007 – Rudeboy Drops More Details About Breakup With Brother

Notable Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye known professionally as Rudeboy of defunct music group P-Square, has thrown more light on the motions that triggered the messy break with his twin brother, Peter Okoye known by stage name Mr P.

Paul Okoye (Rudeboy)

After their split, there have numerous rumors about what actually ensued between the twins but it was plucked that they reportedly broke up over irreconcilable family issues.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, Rudeboy said the music group had lingering issues long before their official split in 2017.

In his words,

“I actually began my career as a solo artiste and I had recorded quite a number of songs. My twin brother (Peter) also had a dance group which I was part of before but left after some time.“

“He (Peter) was brought in to create a unique group (P-Square) that would be different from other groups in the industry. I was singing while he would dance, and it was the opinion of our elder brother, Jude. We only had a stage collaboration. What made P-Square was the division of labour we practised. I took control of singing whilst Peter handled the dancing and stagecraft aspects.While Jude was our manager and he directed our videos.”

Peter Okoye (Mr P)

“However, it got to a point when one person started making demands and called for some members of the team to be fired. Because we wanted peace to reign, we would let the affected employees go. That went on for some time but it got to a point that things could no longer persist that way.“

“Our issue is that of a husband and wife whose marriage is hitting rocks but post loved up pictures on social as camouflage. People who don’t know the vivid story would see the rosy pictures and plead for the union not to break up. But, they don’t know what is actually going on behind closed doors. The best thing is for them to part ways.”

“Some people perceive that all these started recently but it has been continuously for a long time. I can confidently tell you that my first solo album was supposed to be “Game Over“ (released in 2007). That title “Game Over“ meant I was done with the group.”

“I single-handedly recorded the album and sent it to some people but they were shocked to I was the only one on the album. People said different things which moved me to shelve my plan.”

Speaking about a possible collaboration with his brother even if they don’t reform their group, the “Tomorrow“ singer said,

“The question is, does he see us together? It is not by force that everybody is a music group must sing”.

“P-Square has never been a music group of two singers, rather, it was a group of one singer abd one dancer. I honestly tried my best for the group tp work. There so many concealed issues the public have no idea of that positioned us to this point. I choose not to say many things because I want to protect my family.“

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