I’ve 15 Piercings Now, More To Come – Wendy Shay

Fashion is a vital tool that contributes to celebrity branding. Myriad of showbiz personalities exhibit their fashion prodigy to their followers in all forms of tattoos, hairstyles, clothing, piercings, amongst others.

Ghanaian songstress, Wendy Addo who is popularly recognized in showbiz circles as Wendy Shay, is not relenting in her quest to be remembered for something peculiar in the game.

The award-winning musician sees artistry to be a lifestyle — owing to why she uses her key an earring.

Speaking in an interview with blogger Zionfelix, she confirmed having fifteen (15) piercings currently and intends to add more in the future.

The Rufftown Records signee disclosed that she had piercings before she ventured in the music industry, but she added more.

Wendy believes fashion has the possibility of propelling a celebrity into higher heights.

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